West Valley Chiropractic Office

The West Valley Chiropractic Centre opened in July of 1991 in the Meadowbrook Mall. The purpose was to provide quality chiropractic care to the people of West Valley, Tieton, Cowiche, Naches and the surrounding areas. We believe patients deserves complete honesty, 100% effort on our part to provide quality care, a complete explanation of our fees, and to have support staff that are caring and helpful.

The cost of care is very important. We have a very affordable fee schedule and we don’t recommend exams, x-rays, or treatment unless it is necessary.

We operate on the principle that teamwork between the doctor and patient is very important. The reason we get such positive results is that we ask the patient to work with us as a team with everyone committed to working hard to get well and to stay well.

On every new patient we do a thorough examination, then take the time to explain the root of their problem. The patient will understand what they have, if we can help them, how long it will take, and how much it will cost to treat.


We also believe that a patient has the right to choose the care that they want to participate in. Some patients will choose a complete care program of relief, correction and strengthening, while others choose only to participate in relief care. Whatever care a patient chooses, we are there for them.

Having two clinics in town, West Valley and Yakima Chiropractic Centre has allowed patients the convenience of a larger practice. When the doctor is at a seminar or on vacation the clinic remains open with the Yakima doctors covering the practice. On Saturdays when the clinic is closed, West Valley patients can receive care at the Yakima clinic location.

We are proud of the services that we provide. We bring the best quality of chiropractic care to our patients utilizing the latest developments in chiropractic and the most modern equipment and procedures. Our rehab department allows the patient to further improve their outcome and be an active participant in their care.

Honest and caring… what a real Doctor-Patient relationship should be!


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West Valley Chiropractic Centre
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