Chiropractic Reviews (26)

StarsHelped with my work injury

"I injured by low back while lifting at work. The pain was severe and I was having muscle spasms. I tried ibuprofen, but knew that was not a long term solution. The office was very friendly accommodating; Kimberly is awesome and Dr. Draney was very knowledgeable.

My first few visits were 3x per week with the goal of stopping the muscle spasms and imminent pain. Dr. Draney used very light techniques during this time. After the initial pains spasms subsided, we were able to move to more aggressive treatment and eventually added strengthening exercises. Treatment progressed from 3x per week down to 1x per week.

I love chiropractic and strongly believe in the benefits of its natural healing over prescription drugs!"

-Patricia H.

StarsNeck pain decreased rapidly

"Within the first three weeks, my muscle spasms were completely gone. Neck pain decreased rapidly within next couple of months. My daughter and granddaughter also treat there for neck pain and back pain from a fall. I tell everyone about Yakima Chiropractic, the office is neat and clean, staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Dearinger is very knowledgeable and caring."

-Carol A.

StarsCared about my injury

"I have been going here for years. They helped after I was in a car accident. The doctors and staff are very friendly and truly care about their patients. I would not go any where else. 😀"

-Deb M.

StarsPain has gone down significantly

"I was in a car accident and after had a lot of problems with my body. Back and neck pain, and many headaches. I’ve only been going for about two months and I feel so much better. Pain has gone down significantly."

- Joy P.

StarsBest at what they do

"The Doctor was very professional and was very knowledgeable on what he was doing. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Roger Herrera performed massage. He was very professional and knew what he was doing.

I would highly recommend Yakima Chiropractic Centre to others. The staff is very professional and has a good attitude. Very calm environment. The therapists are the best at what they do."

-Lisa B.

StarsI’m much better now

"I was in a car accident with me and my two kids. I called to make an appointment and was scheduled right away. I really like that they explain to me what they saw I needed worked on they have really nice staff. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks to them I’m much better."

-Flor P.


"Dr. Drainy is just awesome! After my car accident he has greatly helped my back and shoulder. I would recommend him and the clinic to anyone! Everyone there is so friendly and knows your name on the 2nd visit! They’re all very wonderful people!"

-Barb B.


"Dr. Dearinger and staff are awesome! The diversity of staff and patients is very welcoming. The office manager, Oleane, is excellent at her job. Thank you, for all the exceptional years of service to all of the people in the Yakima and surrounding communities."

-Graciela M.

StarsNice Office

"Everyone is friendly and professional."

-Dulce S.

StarsFriendly and Fun Staff

"Been coming here for last 12 years or so. Pretty sure I wouldn’t still be on my own feet without the Doctor. The rest of the staff always friendly and fun too."

-Jim W.

StarsMy back feels normal again

"I had never had back problems but then ran a 24 hour race in mixed rain and snow. After 23 ½ hours and 115 miles of running my lower back had enough of the cold and sized up like a vise. My back was sore for one year before I sought chiropractic care. Following treatment at West Valley Chiropractic along with deep tissue massage, my back felt normal again.

Regular care, including occasional “tune-ups” when I am not having any pain, allows me to continue running ultramarathons, hiking, backcountry skiing and doing many other activities at age 67.

Dr. Draney is excellent. He takes the time to make sure the adjustment is completed and everything is aligned before sending me out the door.

Overall I am very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Draney and his staff."

-Jeff H.

StarsI didn’t want surgery

"I was experiencing severe lower back pain and pain into my left leg. Walking was an effort and I had to use a walker sometimes. My medical doctor said I had a herniated disc and recommended surgery. I also tried muscle relaxers and pain pills but they weren’t helping. I didn’t want surgery so I decided to give chiropractic a try. After doing an examination and reviewing my tests Dr. Rountree was very optimistic that he could help me. I was encouraged and uplifted by his confidence.

It took time but I got better. I went from walking with a walker with lots of pain to walking and riding horses with again with no pain! My advice to those who are in pain is to try chiropractic and follow the Doctor’s advice. I’m happy to have such a wonderful healing experience."

-Bonnie A.

StarsNot just for back pain

"I have been to chiropractors before for my back pain and treatment has usually been helpful. When my back flared up again my husband who is a patient of Yakima Chiropractic suggested that I come here for treatment. My first impression of the office was that they were professional, knowledgeable, kind and caring.

During the initial exam, Dr. Rountree also did some tests on my shoulders and found some problems there that he could also treat. When I came to the clinic I had not considered care for my shoulders. There had been pain in my shoulders for over a year and I had some Physical Therapy that did help some, but they were still hurting. The pain in my shoulders was constant and increased with lifting.

As I anticipated, chiropractic care did improve my back pain, but my shoulders also improved. Within the first treatment I noticed a decrease in the pain level and an increase in the movement. Beside the treatment, Dr. Rountree also recommended exercises that I can do at home.

I now tell to anyone who will listen, if you are suffering or in pain: “Try Chiropractic, it’s not just for back or neck pain.”

-Terry A.

StarsPain free now!

"Thank you to the Doctor and Kimberly for your superior expertise. How wonderful to be pain-free, especially when I walk and sleep."

-Carol S.

StarsHe saved my life

"I wish I had found Dr. Dearinger sooner, I’m sure he saved my life.

In 1995 I was involved in a rollover accident that left me hanging upside-down suspended by my seatbelt. After this injury my blood pressure and heart rate were off the charts. A cardiologist prescribed medication and I was told that if I ever tried to get off them I would surely die. I became concerned that the medication was going to cause problems of their own so I began treatment at Yakima Chiropractic. My blood pressure dropped after I started care!

All the people I talk to I tell them about chiropractic and I feel its well worth the time and money. I always look forward to my next visit at Dr. Dearinger’s office."

-Tiffany S.

StarsProgress every week

"Dr. David was instrumental in helping me feel better. I have considerable improvement, and could feel the progress that was taking place each week.

The staff and Doctors were all friendly, professional and greatly concerned for my well-being."

-Jack B.

StarsStrengthening exercises helped

"I had therapeutic exercises with Domingo as part of my treatment plan, 2 times per week. Domingo was very knowledge and polite. I am very satisfied with the service I received and have less pain."

-Terri B.

StarsPain is almost gone

"Prior to my first visit, my pain was a 9 or 10…. gradually got better and better until it is mostly all done…. always!! Dr. Draney was very professional…. exceptionally knowledgably…. extremely thorough. My experience was absolutely solid. Was more than a little skeptical at first, now I tell everyone to not only give it a try but to consider a maintenance program."

-Keith N.

StarsI go every three weeks to remain pain free

"I started at West Valley Chiropractic In 2011 for low back pain. After treatment, my pain was gone almost immediately and rarely reoccurs. I still go every three weeks to remain pain free and maintain flexibility. All the doctors are excellent and caring, highly skilled and knowledgeable."

-Peter H.

StarsReal good results

"My results have been real good so far. Dr. David was nice and friendly, he told me to stretch more."

-Ryan R.

StarsGreat results

"I had great results with Dr. Draney. My neck pain was 8 to 10 out of ten. He recommended exercise and treatments. Now I’d rate the pain a 2 out of 10. I feel great about the benefits."

-Karen S.

StarsMy headaches are gone

"I had suffered with lower back pain, mid back pain and headaches for ten years. The headaches were so bad that it made it hard to go to work or do everyday things.

When I came to this office I knew the treatment was going to be good. Dr. Folkman and his staff are really concerned about my health and my needs. Since seeing Dr. Folkman all of my pain is gone.

Now I can finally get a goodnight sleep and my headaches are gone! I have told many of my friends about chiropractic and how good I feel after my treatments.

At first I wasn’t so sure how much chiropractic help, but now that I have gone for so long, and how good I feel, there is no doubt that I made the right choice."

-Rob A.

StarsAwesome place

"For months I had horrible pain in my upper back and neck. I also had numbness in my right arm. The best way to describe it was mind numbing. I was taking lots of aspirin which didn’t help. When I saw a booth in the Valley Mall that was checking spines I decided to check it out. The lady there said something was wrong with my back and maybe the doctor could help me. She made an appointment for me for the next day. I was a skeptical, but my first impression of Yakima Chiropractic was that it was an awesome place, with great people and fair prices. To make a long story short, the doctor did find the cause of my problem and recommended some adjustments. I’m feeling better than ever and have recommended Dr. Folkman to more people that I can count."

-Scott W.

StarsI couldn’t move

"After a work injury I found myself in a lot of pain. The pain in my lower back was excruciating as well as my upper back and neck. I was taking two tylenol every four hours and it didn’t help. A friend of mine suggested that I see Dr. Folkman.

My first impression was that they were very nice. I could talk to them and they understood what I had to say. I didn’t have any doubts they could help me, I knew I would feel better. It didn’t take long and now I feel great!

My mother and brother have also come here for care and I have told many others to go and see if you can get some relief from your pain."

-Yolanda I.

StarsThe pain was unbearable

"My low back hurt for six months. It was there all the time, and at times it was unbearable. I also had pain going down into my legs. I tried ice, heat and was also taking Doan’s pills and Ibuprofen. These did little but temporary relief. My wife encouraged me to see a chiropractor and I felt it was worth a try to get rid of the pain. My first impression was favorable; they were very friendly and helpful.

Dr. Warninger recommended a course of treatment to correct the problems he found in my spine. I have been very happy with the result of my treatment. The back and leg pain is completely gone and I feel better now than I have in years! My recommendation to those who are suffering like I was is to come in and get it taken care of."

-Edward L.

StarsI’m a million times better

"I had been suffering with pain in my lower back for over 2 months. It was a sharp pain and had very little movement. I really needed to get relief and surgery was out of the question. I’m also not the kind that takes pills for pain.

I had a good first impression of the office; they were amazing and so polite. After the examination, Dr. Warninger said my spine was out of alignment. I felt better after the first visit. Within a few weeks I was pain free. He gave me some exercises that also helped.

Thanks Dr. Warninger."

-Chester O.


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