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The Yakima - West Valley CHIROPRACTIC Centres are located in two separate clinic locations in the Yakima Valley and is one of the largest chiropractic groups in Central Washington.

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When you have pain, no matter what it's called - be it back pain or any
of the hundreds of other problems that the flesh is the heir to - delaying
proper treatment is dangerous and can result in a major health problem.
Seek a chiropractic examination immediately to see if yours is a condition
which comes within the scope of chiropractic. The pain you suffer may be because the true cause of the pain has been ignored and proper treatment has been delayed.

Everyone needs a healthy spinal column. Even if you are seeing other health care providers, it is still possible and desirable to see a chiropractor to make sure your spine is subluxation free.

Numerous independent studies have been done, including those by the
British Medical Research Council, the Florida Workers' Compensation Study, the Utah Workers' Compensation Study, and the California Workers' Compensation Study. These studies compared chiropractic care against traditional medical care in thousands of low back cases. The results were similar. All the studies showed the frequency and duration of absence from work due to low back pain were less in those treated by chiropractic. Because of the shortened disability time, the average cost of chiropractors'
services was more than 50 percent lower than that of
medical doctors for the same conditions.

Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favor of chiropractic over medical care? Because painkillers, muscle relaxants, braces, physical therapy, and surgery are not designed to correct spinal nerve irritation or vertebral subluxations - Chiropractic is!

Chiropractic Gets Results… And Has A High Level Of Patient Satisfaction!